Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Garden Shed Kits Can Help A Beginner Out Tremendously!

How Garden Shed Kits Can Help...

If you plan on building your own garden shed then you might want to consider looking at garden shed kits. To build a shed, you are required to have a few skills and a handful of tools. You may encounter some complicated angles when deciding to take on a project such as this.

The Two Types Of Shed Kits...

Garden shed kits will allow you to put together the outdoor shed and skipped most of the technical aspects in the process. There are two types of kits that you should be aware of. 

The First Type Of Shed Kit...

One kit is essentially a prefabricated shed that requires assembly on your part. The other type of shed kit will help you set up the framework of your shed and allow you to add your own customizable options such as siding roofing, etc.

The shed kits that are essentially pre-made contain everything you need inside of the box. They could be made out of metal, wood or plastic. These usually entail several hours of your time and are moderately priced, if you shop around a little bit. These are great if you are a beginner and have little or no knowledge of building whatsoever.

These do contain several hundred, or even thousands of pieces and staying organized is going to be key to your success. If you tools that will make the job faster would be a power drill or two and a couple of helpers. These are not required but will save you hours of assembly, not to mention some cursing.

The Other Shed Kits...

The other type of outdoor shed kit are more suited for somebody with a little more knowledge in the building department. They are kits that contain various fasteners that join together two or more pieces of lumber, alleviating any angle or miter cuts. All you have to do is cut the lumber using straight cuts, eliminating all of the time it would take to measure out and Mark the various angles.

These kits are fairly cheap and will run you on average about $30-$50. You can join more than one together to make a larger shed if you would like and they even have optional kits for special features that you may want to include. As I mentioned before these sheds will require you to install the siding, roofing and finish material yourself. This is good because it allows you to have more control over the finished look of your shed.

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  1. We plan to make a structure of poultry farm using alot of found materials too! It is actually going to be a "learning project* with my kids...hands-on building they will learn skills they can use their whole life. Plus once they learn how,perhaps I will have help with all other things I want to build here. . .feed and hay sheds, art studios. potting shed, etc..

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